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Pincushion Trails Inn Views
Pincushion Trails Inn is a silent-sports destination and retreat set in a hilltop of forested trails above Grand Marais. Twenty-five km of well-groomed ski and hiking trails loop around the Inn and down through pine and birch forests along the Devil Track River.  Mountain biking trailheads are just below.  The town of Grand Marais is 2.7 miles downhill along the Gunflint Trail, with quick access to great restaurants, engaging shops, art studios, craft classes and the historic harbor.
For thirty years, the Innkeepers have provided guests with forest trail access and bed and breakfast service.  We offer restful lodgings with quiet nights, a seated breakfast, and the amenities that skiers and other trail users expect - doorstep parking, trailside access, a waxing/gear area, private sauna, views of the forest and of Lake Superior, and fireside comforts.  Four-season sunrises over Lake Superior are stunning  as seen from your room, the Commons, the porches or the trails.  We value basic creature comforts but also authentic works of art; pieces are signed originals or historic posters, with themes of the region and chosen to be unique to each room.   
Green Statement
Green Statement
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Trails ~ Green & Sustainable

* Green-Drying socks on Horseshoe Ridge,
Crosby-Manitou State Park, Superior Hiking Trail

Environmental care on our forested hilltop poses challenges in energy and materials use, but also opportunity for wise use and planful travel. 
Water Resources:  We lie entirely within the Little Devil Track River watershed. Our tap water comes from a 160-foot drilled well, tested regularly with UV in-line filtration for security.  Effluent is managed through a well-maintained septic system. Daily linen or towel changes are discouraged. Laundry is done on-site using eco-friendly products in cold water, air-dried outdoors when possible. Hot water is through off-peak electric with an inline LP-fired demand peaking tank. Sink and shower soap are by dispenser and supplies are septic-friendly.
Electric sourcing/conservation:  In June 2019, TruNorth Solar built our long-awaited 6.4kw rooftop solar array, meeting est. 64% of annual power needs including bidirectional grid service through Arrowhead Electric Cooperative. Washer and dryer are energy-efficient; linens are sun-dried. Three refrigerators are in flexible use patterns, powered up on demand. Our hilltop provides generous window lighting; other lights are LED or CFL.  Path lighting and driveway signage are solar. Electronics are on switched power strips but a wi-fi router remains on 24/7 for guest use. Our cedar sauna is electric-fired for planful private use — sauna heat disperses within the building due its central location.
Heating & Cooling:   Our lodge is well insulated, with thermopane windows, the uppers triple-glazed in winter.  Heat rise is actively recirculated. Entry doors are double glazed plus storms.  Exhaust fans are all independent of lighting; all guest baths have operable windows. The Commons area collects passive solar heat in winter with roller shades in summer. The Commons also has a sealed LP fireplace with an active piezoelectric convector. The main entry is a weather-lock, double glazed with skylight transom lighting.  Our LP boiler is well-serviced est. > 80% efficient, serving six independent zones by hot-water baseboard and thermostats and set due occupancy. A Morso woodstove in the owners' quarters eases zone demand. We have no refrigerant A/C on site, relying on good attic ventilation, generous roof soffits, hilltop night breezes and many operable windows.  Floor fans are available.
Recycling:   Food is purchased locally when possible; many herbs and vegetables are grown on site. Food waste is composted on-site, with non-compostable waste processed at the transfer station. Disposal bags are of reused or compostable materials.  Baskets for co-mingled recycling stand in all guest and public spaces. Recyclables go to Cook County recycle just downhill from us, with no special trek required. Water glasses are just that: glass — no needless plastic on the loose up here.
Lawn & Garden:  Tree planting is a 70-year family tradition and in due time provides good wind block and selective shading. Flowers are planted for ambience and to attract bees and butterflies.  We plant a variety of gardens, no herbicides or pesticides. On-site herbs and vegetables are grown in our composted gardens and the annual straw-bale garden project, visible on webcam. Mowing is infrequent but regrettably done by fossil-fuel. Our 1/3 mile drive is plowed commercially, with snow-throwing only if necessary; walks and paths are hand-shoveled.  Snowshoes are always available.
Travel & Getting-around:  We use an efficient vehicle and try to combine errands to minimize trips, using public transportation for metro jaunts — shuttles, LRT, bus, bike and feet.  Restaurants, retail and the harbor are all within 3 miles or just 7 minutes. Biking and hiking down is near effortless — getting back up here without some fossil-fuel assist is something else. So, do combine errands, let us know — we’ve skied, hiked, biked the rise and fully appreciate the Gunflint gravity in our otherwise scenic location.

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The Pine Suite

is our largest and most private lodging; four windows provide wide views of the lake, sunrise, and boreal forest, with a comfortable queen bed, private bath, morning-writing desk and relaxation couch -- plenty of space for two persons, papers, books and gear.

$140/night with breakfast


Reserve Pine

The Aspen Room

is our most secluded and quiet space, with views of the winter sunset and also due west.  Queen bed, private bath, cozy, subdued decor, a room preferred by late-sleepers.  

$125/night with breakfast

Advance reservations two-night minimum.
Discounts for NHFS and GMAC

Reserve Aspen

The Birch Room

offers broad views of the sunrise and the big lake to rival the Pine Suite, but also three windows toward the southern forest.  Queen bed, private bath, space for gear, and quiet reading, situated in the southeast corner of the building.  Tends to be a favorite - cozy, sunny, perhaps not for late risers.

$125/night with breakfast

Reserve Birch

The Maple Room

has twin beds, separate bath across the hall, lake and sunrise views like its Pine & Birch neighbors.  Ideal for a pair who want a touch of independence. 

$125/night with breakfast

Advance reservations two-night minimum.
Discounts for NHFS and GMAC

Reserve Maple

The Trailside Yurt

is set up in boreal forest above the creek. Twin beds, basic furnishing, outdoor privy, fire ring and seating. We provide water, wood and a serious bear-barrel. Northwoods quiet with great views of the northern night sky.

$75/night, 2-night minimum, no breakfast

Advance reservations two-night minimum. Discounts for NHFS and GMAC students/instructors

Reserve Yurt
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